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Strategy and business development
Strategy and business development
strategy and business development

Strategic planning

Every strategy session is different with each client having a unique set of needs and circumstances that must be considered. Therefore, it is not possible to have a blueprint for the strategy process that will work for all situations. It is a creative, collaborative process and it is always tailor-made to the needs of our clients.

We have had the privilege to engage in strategic planning initiatives in the private and public sectors and are looking forward to assisting you with yours.

We are experienced in facilitating both physical and virtual strategy sessions and are comfortable in English or Afrikaans.

Business plans, financial analysis and feasibility studies 


A clear business plan or investment memorandum is essential for both start-ups and established businesses looking to develop their business concept, expand and/or raise finance.  The Agrifusion team has deep insight into the underlying components as well as the ability to integrate them into a comprehensive business plan underpinned by robust analysis and modelling

The following issues are typically addressed: Background and project concept; Overview of stakeholders; Technical analysis, Market analysis and strategy, Logistics and supply chain considerations; Environmental and Socio-economic impact; Detailed financial modelling and analysis of profitability; Finance requirements and funding structure; Legal compliance, BBBEE compliance, Institutional arrangements (ownership and governance); Human resource requirements, Mentoring, training and support required and Planning for implementation.


Transaction advisory, investment memorandums and capital raising


Buying or selling a business or part thereof is a complex process with many risks. Whether buying or selling, we have extensive experience in managing the process and providing comprehensive support including: detailed due diligence, business valuation, sourcing and engaging with potential buyers, negotiation and mediation, capital raising, and managing the interface between legal inputs, tax advice and appropriate financial structuring. 


Family business


Traditional family-controlled or -owned businesses often experience frustration due to the lack of succession planning, insufficient strategies to identify new leadership and poor communication to the next generation.  In many instances, current shareholders acknowledge the need for a packaged solution that caters for the unique circumstances of the business and that will effectively address the requirements set out by the business owners. 

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