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Environmental, social and governance services

Transformation and BBBEE support

Transformation in the form of Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE)  is a key strategic consideration for any business in South Africa. We help you to understand the challenges of transformation for your business and develop solutions that will make business sense. We can assist you with:

  • Developing a transformation plan or strategy;

  • Assisting you with preparing for a BBBEE verification;

  • Assisting with compliance plans focused on a specific aspect of the scorecard; and

  • Assisting you with planning towards a BBBEE transaction, including developing an investment memorandum and facilitating engagement with various stakeholders.


Water compliance and sustainable water


Water is life. Water is the key to food production and food security around the globe. The South African Agricultural sector (which uses 60% of South Africa’s fresh water) is facing increasing risks as water availability and the quality of our water is increasingly threatened. Businesses also face reputation risks as local communities, investors, financiers, and consumers increasingly expect businesses to act in a responsible and sustainable manner. Growing public awareness regarding water use, conservation and access to clean drinking water is driven by drought, flooding, and water pollution. 

We provide a number of services, including water due diligences, validation and verification, registration of general authorisation, water use license applications, transferring of ownership of water use entitlement, assisting in the building and approval of dams, water compliance, and developing plans for sustainable water management.

Solar Energy

Carbon trading


A Carbon Credit represents an emission reduction of one metric tonne of CO2, or an equivalent amount of other greenhouse gasses. By paying someone else to either reduce or avoid their emissions or capture their carbon, companies can compensate for their environmental footprint and even use Carbon Credits to get to carbon-neutral status or save on carbon tax.

You can either build strategies around reducing, removing or avoiding carbon emissions and therefore increase your sustainable impact.

Let us help you navigate this world of carbon projects, validation and verification, and trading to make it a part of your business strategy.



Corporate governance can be defined as a system of controls and procedures by which companies are managed. This might sound elementary, but there are crucial principles that need to be followed to assist you in optimising governance in your business - and these principles are often lacking, resulting in suboptimal performance. 

Furthermore, without appropriate and sustainable governance in place, we might have the best intentions to consider the environment and our communities, but it will not be put into practice. 

We will glad to assist you in improving the governance of your business in a way that makes sense for your culture. 




ESG reporting


ESG is a set of standards that measure the ethical impact and sustainability of investment in a company. It is profit with a purpose. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting creates transparency, accountability and confidence in your business.  

The environment forms the foundation of the agricultural sector - clean and sufficient water, healthy soil and predictable weather patterns. Investors want to see that you prioritise these things in your business. 

We want to assist you in communicating your ESG story in a way that makes sense to all your stakeholders. 

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