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macro economic research

It takes research expertise, an ability to look at the big picture without losing focus, a clear understanding of all stakeholders' needs and a well-structured research methodology to add value through macro-economic research. We have experience in this field, serving the private and public sectors.


We base our approach on:


  • An assessment of currently available data to develop a baseline report. We engage with all stakeholders to gain support and secure a level of trust.

  • A properly designed methodology based on scientific principles to ensure accurate information. We use online platforms to gather information efficiently.

  • Project management of the agreed actions to ensure that milestones and timelines are met.

Having been involved in large-scale benchmarking exercises and other quantitative research, we know the value of measuring but also understand the challenges of obtaining a sufficient response rate and assuring respondents of confidentiality as well as working with large quantities of data. We normally make use of an electronic data collection system and have conducted quantitative and qualitative survey-based research for the private and public sector. 

Kindly contact us should you require this service.

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