Agrifusion provides advisory services to the wider agribusiness and agro-processing value chain and beyond. We offer a fusion of innovative, forward-thinking, practical solutions to support our clients in the agricultural sector in South Africa. 
Farming with ideas


We are not growers of fresh produce but of fresh ideas. We want to give your business the edge by providing new angles and possibilities that make a tangible difference.

In your shoes


We pride ourselves in our personal approach to business. We want to get to know you and understand your needs from your perspective. This is the only way in which we can offer solutions that are practical in your environment and not only on paper.

Sustainable but agile


Our solutions need to be sustainable in the longer term, but flexible enough to change if circumstances require. We live in an ever-changing environment and need to constantly adapt to the changes to remain competitive and relevant.



Strategic planning

Strategy mapping

Our services cover the following broad categories:
Transaction support


Ownership, valuations & capital raising



Brand innovation


Corporate identity & branding

Web design





Water usage rights

Land reform support

Unlocking human capital


Improving performance,

coaching for personal development

Macro-economic policy research
Growth and business development


Business plans, feasibility studies & financial analysis

Family business

Secretarial services

Company secretarial oursourced

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