Transformation is a key strategic consideration for any business in South Africa. We help you to understand the challenges of transformation for your business and develop solutions that will make business sense.

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment

BEE solutions that make business sense

Water usage rights

Unlocking agricultural potential



One of the key challenges in the South African socio-economic landscape is the necessity to address transformation. To this end, the Government has developed a transformation strategy supported by legal structures aimed at fostering and encouraging black economic empowerment in all levels of the economy.

Through our sustainable solutions, we assist businesses to understand the BEE regulations and its implications for their operations.




We provide two levels of BEE solutions:

  • Becoming compliant: becoming and staying informed, strategic planning, and verification

  • Tailored solutions for all elements of the scorecard, including ownership, supply chain solutions and enterprise development assistance.

Land reform support

Review, restructure, refine



The LRAD program was designed to help previously disadvantaged individuals to buy land and implements for the purposes of agricultural production.  These individuals were granted funding, which was pooled together in a Trust to the benefit of the grant recipients as beneficiaries.  

Many commercial production partnerships were formed to breathe life into these LRAD Trusts. This was commonly done by the setting up of a shared-equity scheme between the commercial partner and the LRAD Trust. 

The LRAD program has since been replaced by the Proactive Land Acquisition Strategy (PLAS), rendering strict adherence to LRAD Trust requirements obsolete. These trusts could now be restructured according to more commercially viable standards, adding to their efficiency, profitability and sustainability.    




Our services include the following:

  • Comparative assessment of share-equity schemes and provision of advice on best-suited structure;

  • Redesigning of share-equity schemes and engaging beneficiaries;

  • Assistance with implementation of the new structure(s);

  • Annual monitoring of new structure(s).  



The availability of water adds value to agricultural land, making commercial production possible and ultimately unlocking agricultural potential. No new water rights could, however, be accessed without a license granted by the Department of Water and Sanitation.

The application process for these water rights could be an onerous process, with many applications halted due to easy-to-manage blockages.  In our experience, there are many water applications which have become static due to non-compliance with the requirements of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE or BEE).  

When the BEE ownership structure of the venture applying for water rights is clearly communicated and agreed upon with the DWA, accessing water rights, and the unlocking of agricultural potential becomes a real possibility.      




Our services include the following:


Designing appropriate business structures for accessing water rights;

  • Facilitating meetings between applicants and the Department of Water Affairs;

  • Giving valuable, experienced input into the terms and conditions of each transaction.