Transaction support


We are tickled by the intricacies of transactions - whether it is aimed at unlocking value, exploring new opportunities or ensuring sustainability. We will be glad to sit down with you and put pen to paper, packing out the best structure for your business and help you to consider all the complex factors with regards to your transactions.

Ownership, valuations and Capital raising 

Unlocking value



The Agrifusion team has specialist skills in structuring and advising on complex ownership and capital raising transactions.  These may arise from the need to raise finance for expansion, exits and succession planning, BEE ownership requirements and so forth.




  • Capital raising – debt, equity and quasi-equity instruments via a well-established network of commercial, parastatal and private equity financiers;

  • Detailed business valuations and Fair and Reasonable opinions in accordance with generally accepted valuation approaches and methods;

  • Financial and legal due diligence.