Secretarial services


We pride ourselves in providing value-added personalised secretarial and statutory services. We endeavour to continually provide a hassle-free and efficient service to our clients and our services are delivered at a competitive, market-related fee.

Company secretarial services 

Compliance is key



We have the in-house expertise to handle your company secretary function and all that it entails. We pride ourselves in staying ahead of new developments in this field.

Typical services


We can typically assist you with the following:


  • Focus on the procedure / due process

  • Recordkeeping of minutes/resolutions

  • Prepare and distribute board packs and agendas

  • Compliance with Companies Act and Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI)

  • Directors' disclosures

  • Keeping an electronic register of all company records as required by the Act

  • Statutory audits

  • Reporting to the Board on any failure of the company or director to comply with the MOI or rules of the company


Empowering you



We will provide training on any matters relating to company secretarial responsibilities, including the following:

Typical services

  • Companies Act

    • For boards of directors on their responsibilities, duties, powers and risks according to the Companies Act​

    • For CDP requirements

  • On CIPC procedures for company secretarial practitioners​

CIPC admin

Making your life easier



We will gladly assist you with any CIPC admin to free your time up for more strategic matters.


Typical services

  • New registrations

  • Amendments to current structures (companies or close corporations)

    • Boards/members​, addresses, shareholding, the year ends, amended MOI's, specific MOI registrations, name changes, auditors and accountants

  • CC conversions

  • Reversal of AR final deregistrations

  • Deregistrations

  • Payment of annual duties

    • Submission of statements​

    • Submission of FAS

    • Record keeping and reminders when annual duties are payable

  • Keeping of statutory records