Growth and business development


We can assist you with business plans, feasibility studies and financial analysis. Furthermore, we have experience in supporting family businesses with strategic decision-making. Make an appointment to discuss your needs for growth and development with us.

Family business

A sustainable view of your personal business



Traditional family-controlled or -owned businesses often experience frustration due to the lack of succession planning, insufficient strategies to identify new leadership and poor communication to the next generation.  In many instances, current shareholders acknowledge the need for a packaged solution that caters for the unique circumstances of the business and that will effectively address the requirements set out by the business owners.
Achieving consensus amongst the stakeholders on the rules-of-the-game and establishing a family forum could have a significant impact on the manner in which future business is conducted. The first phase for effective implementation is establishing the rules based on a careful analysis of the stakeholders’ requirements.




The services offered by Agrifusion for the development of a framework for a sustainable family business can be divided into several phases. Contact us for a tailored approach.

Investment memorandums, business plans, feasibility studies and financial analysis

Exploring new opportunities



A well thought out business plan is essential for both start-ups and established businesses looking to test their business concept and raise finance.  The Agrifusion team has deep insight into the various components as well as the ability to integrate them into a comprehensive business plan. 


The following issues are typically addressed: Background and project concept; Overview of stakeholders; Technical design, choice of crops & production assumptions; Environmental considerations; Marketing arrangements and supply chain issues; Detailed financial modelling and analysis of profitability; Financing requirements and funding options; Institutional arrangements (ownership, management, employees); Mentoring, training and support required and Planning for implementation.


Detailed financial analysis & solutions include:


  • Short, medium and long term financial planning including cash-flow, profitability, capital expenditure

  • Financing options

  • Strategic direction

  • Market analysis

  • Shareholding structures

  • Technical feasibility and solutions (Horticulture, aquaculture, value-adding)

  • Human resource requirements and company structure